What's Axelsons? スウェーデン本校・アクセルソンとは?

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ミカエル リンドストロム


I am very pleased to note that the Swedish Bodycare School Axelson has been for the past three years devoting itself to promoting the theory and techniques of the traditional Swedish massage faithfully here in Japan.

Swedish massage is internationally recognized as very effective. It was originally developed in Sweden two hundred years ago by Mr.Per Henrik Ling. It loosens up tensions in the muscles and improves blood flow and functions of the lymph system.

Also, Swedish foot-care is effective in promoting by dealing with the foot as "the second heart" with techniques that are taught at the school.

I am looking forward to the school's expansion in its educational exchange programs between Sweden and Japan and as well as to the further awareness and use of massage and foot-care that it may promote among the Japanese people.

Mikael Lindstrom
Ambassador of Sweden to Japan

2003年、当時の駐日スウェーデン大使 Mikael Lindstrom大使 に頂いたメッセージを掲載しています。